Shipping & Delivery

Shipping Prices

Shop DeBilzan offers Weight Based Shipping. Items in our store weight from .1 pounds to 35 pounds, depending on size, and materials. 

We have 6 different shipping categories:

Standard Shipping:              .1 lb to 2 lb - $10

Light Weight Shipping:         3 lb to 10 lb - $30

Medium Weight Shipping:   11 lb to 15 lb - $50

Heavy Weight Shipping:       16 lb to 20 lb - $100

Oversized Shipping:             21 lb to 25 lb - $200

Max Weight Shipping:          26 lb - 35 lb - $300

The best way to explain it is, the cart weighs everything you've added at the checkout. Once you proceed to the checkout, the shipping option will let you know what shipping category you fall under, light weight, medium weight, etc.

Please take into consideration that not all items have the same weight. The weight of a 40x40 Metal Print will differ from a 40x40 Canvas Print, an Acrylic Print, etc, so shipping weights may vary. 



It takes approximately between 6 days to 2 weeks for items to be delivered. 

It is most likely that you will receive some items ahead of others, for we ship from California and Florida. 

If you come across any issues with shipping, please send us an email at with the subject "Website Shipping". We'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.