Meet William


William DeBilzan

Entering the third decade of his artistic career, William DeBilzan has exhibited and is collected worldwide. From the Burj Khalifa in Dubai to the Marriott Central Park in New York, his paintings and sculptures are sought after for their visual and emotional impact.  In addition to his fine art pursuits, DeBilzan has spent over a decade applying his trained eye and unique style to a variety of projects in the fashion industry. 

DeBilzan is entering his second decade in collaboration with South America’s top luxury handbag designer, Mario Hernandez.  Together they have created a line of limited-edition handbags featuring DeBilzan’s artwork.  Each bag is handmade in Bogota, Columbia, where the Mario Hernandez headquarters has been located since 1978.  Available exclusively in the DeBilzan Galleries and Mario Hernandez stores, the bags have been featured on Project Runway and are owned by many discerning members of the fashion world, including Kate Middleton and several former Miss Columbia titleholders.

Merging his art with a lifelong love for fashion, DeBilzan launched a line of wearable art for women in 2015.  Following an overwhelmingly positive reception, the artist expanded into menswear in 2016 and shortly afterward formed partnerships with several high-end boutiques and luxury resorts.  DeBilzan’s unique designs have since been featured on several runways, including an opening show in Times Square during the New York Fashion Week.  Today, DeBilzan’s highly expressive fashion line is carried by the Guggenheim, Smithsonian, and Fairmont Hotels, among others. 

DeBilzan is focused on the continued success and expansion of his Mario Hernandez handbag collaboration, fashion line, and couture collection.  Now courted by luxury retailers, he is as excited about his projects in the fashion industry as he is about the continued development of his paintings and sculptures.  


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